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Welcome to the Dave Swain / Gore Infidel Records site
Site last updated January 2016
Following year after year of tireless, seemingly endless work, Dave is currently taking a well earned break (verging on semi-retirement) but feel free to check up on any of what you may have missed or to contact us with any questions

I'm Not Here, I'm Never Here G.I.014CD
Available from 14 September 2009

CD and 12" LP now available

"Rock and roll isn't even music really: It's a mistreating of instruments to get feelings over." Mark E. Smith

If off-the-wall pop , lo-fi esoterica or warts 'n' all experimentation without pretension, is your kind of thing - you have come to the right place....

We find it difficult to summarize the diversity of the multi-genre world of Dave Swain in easy terms...thankfully, others don't have the same problem......

"Music as remarkable as's startling stuff" Butterfly Crush zine

"Dark, disturbing and really rather good" (!) Rob da Bank, BBC Radio 1

"Fascinating stuff indeed" Roger Hill, BBC Pure Musical Sensations

Dave Swain is a new breed of one man band" The Wire

"It is nothing short of fascinating how the pieces are composed, and you find yourself more drawn in the more you listen. Trust me when I say I don’t think any description I give here will do them justice." Lotus Magma magazine

Dave Swain's approach to music is simply heartening and inspiring. From the vocals, to the guitar style down to the noise snippets and samples, Dave sounds passionate." Gaz fanzine

"The best indie music." Fighterguppy radio/fanzine

...let us just include a few helpful reference points...Captain Beefheart, The Residents, Silver Apples, Eugene Chadbourne, Palace Brothers, Negativland, cLOUDDEAD etc. etc.

Graphic kindly created and donated by Tanya Zolotukhina

* SAN POP : Demonstration 7"e.p. (G.I. 01) * WINNIE STORMS with Dave Swain : Sum of the parts CD single (G.I. 07) * DAVE SWAIN : Detestment of youth 1-sided LP (G.I. 02)* Northern death song 7" (G.I. 03) * Heterodoxy 8"e.p. (G.I. 04) * Nova Scotia (corpse turning) 7" * Work nearing progress CD single (G.I. 05) * All you never needed to know (home recording trials and errors 1990-2001) CD (G.I. 06) * Heart of Europe CD mini-album (G.I. 08) * Insurmountables 10" e.p. (G.I. 09) * Sportive 7" single (G.I. 10) * Istvan Zsolt's Plane Ticket (G.I. 11 / G.I. 11CD) * While You Were At Church (G.I. 12CD) * Circuit Bent Selections e.p. (G.I. 13 download) * I'm Not Here, I'm Never Here (G.I.014CD)

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Thank you for visiting the new Gore Infidel Records site. Please keep returning to this page, for sporadic releases, offers and other general (mis?) information.

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