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 Ins and outs
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...we told you none of us were any good at this - this page can ONLY be viewed full screen...

IN                           OUT
The Residents                                                                                    Wales
Pepe Le Pew                                                                                    Movies
Rita Tushingham                                                                   Newspapers
Rahsaan Roland Kirk                                                                    Theatre
David Healy                                                                                    Glasgow
Polska                                                                                             Doctors
Nervous Norvous                                                                      Television
Dvorak                                                                   Hassle hound and all...
San Francisco                                                            ...who condone rape.
Edward Hopper                                                        
Real walks with virtual company                                                 Bavaria
John Fante                                                                                           Neato                                                  
Moldy peaches                                                             F. Scott Fitzgerald
Warren Feeney
Adrian Coote
Bloody Marys
Smiling                                                                                                 Crying

Thank you                      Goodbye