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May / June 2002
Having struggled through many technical problems, and replacement of equipment, the album is finally starting to take shape. Being composer, arranger, multi-'un'instrumentalist, vocalist, engineer and producer all at once, is not Dave's idea of fun, but he carries on regardless of the problems, in his UK hideaway! Dave would like to take time to thank all those people who have offered support and assistance, through this site and elsewhere, during this rather rough patch! You know who you are, and you are appreciated.

March / April 2002
It's been a long, painful process, but finally 'All you never needed to know' is completed. This was meant to be the easiest part! This unreleased CD is a clearing up of the archives, containing many previously unheard demos, experiments, work tapes etc. 12 years of home recordings - and it felt like it took that long to finish!  Hitch after hitch, but at least it is done. Further problems have arisen, such as technical failure of equipment etc. Still, on with this project... even if it kills us! Stage One is now completed.

January / February 2002
Having spent the past sixteen months or so, buying up affordable home recording equipment ( that makes the Black Ark studio look like Abbey road ) Dave is currently working full-time on his first full length LP.
Back to his roots, you might say.
Early experiments formed the 'Work nearing progress' CD single ( G.I. 05 ) and other out takes and 'mops' can be found on the 'All you never needed to know' compilation. This is a good place to start for those of you unfamiliar or unsure of the material !
The early signs are that this project will be an intriguing mix of semi-acoustic songs, spoof keyboard soundtracks, field-recording loops/samples, children's toy instruments, home-made percussion and much, much more! Never one to make life any easier for himself, Dave still refuses to use any computers. The way he sees it, human error is a crucial, but all too often overlooked, element of music and it's production. Sound like an excuse? Of course it is, but not a bad one really.
More updates will be posted here, as and when they happen.